Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Properties 1-4

My goal is to see 100 properties. It's really just a way to tell myself that we're looking for something very specific (a crappy house in a really nice location), and it's going to take a while before we find the perfect place. So if I know I have to see at least 100, I can pace myself.

Today we saw the first four:
  1. Historic Albany Ave, built in either 1780 or 1840 (they can't seem to figure that out), it looks like it hasn't been updated since. The stone foundation could be falling in, the front door is definitely falling off, and the lot isn't big enough to hold much more than a driveway (which would have to be added, because there isn't one now). The worst part is that it's on Albany Ave, and the sound of traffic would preclude any conversation while sitting on the porch.
  2. Eastcliff lot, 0.8 acre east of 110 Ferncliff, would require an easement to put in a driveway, but even worse, the land is actually a cliff. Basically impossible to develop.
  3. Kings Road, a ranch within walking distance of the rollerblade trail, but that's the only good part of the neighborhood.
  4. Prattling Pond, on a private road, we didn't venture too much so didn't see much. It's an expensive and swampy 2+ acres near Route 4.

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