Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blueberry Pie

Yeah, so I'm finally getting around to uploading photos off my camera. Sue me.
Back when it was blueberry season, I found blueberries at Stop and Shop on sale: 4 pints for $5. So we made a couple blueberry pies. The recipie is out of the Williams Sonoma baking book Bruce got me way back when he thought I liked cooking. (He also got me an apron, because he thought I cared about keeping my clothes clean. Hah!)
After pre-baking the pie shell (store-bought after a bad experience with really old Crisco), I mix the blueberries with some flour and sugar while Bruce makes the topping. It's sugar, sugar, flour, and butter. I make him do that part because it calls for using a pastry cutter to cut the cold butter into the dry mixture. It's physically demanding and boring. But he's good at it. The topping goes on and we bake it, then eat it. Yum!
We've since moved on to apple pie, and we've tweaked the recipie for that, because Bruce like pie crusts. We make the apple crisp with a pie shell underneath. The result is very similar to this blueberry thing, except that the topping has oats in it, and it's much easier to make because it calls for melted butter instead of cold, cut butter. Hopefully next summer we'll remember to try the apple crisp topping with the blueberry pie.
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