Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Year They Burned the Books

The Year They Burned the Books The Year They Burned the Books by Nancy Garden

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Jamie is editor of the school paper. She and her cohorts become involved in an altercation when the newly conservative school board decides to dispose of health (sex) education and burn the "inappropriate" library books. The school board seems to be fighting against immorality, while Jamie and her newspaper friends are fighting against... something else... censorship? Discrimination? It's not exactly clear, and the author doesn't present both sides of the argument, which would be acceptable except that a big part of the story is how the school board suddenly requires the school paper to present both sides of the argument.

The story is confused by Jamie's sexuality issues-- she thinks she might be a lesbian, and gets bullied because other students think so too. This doesn't quite come together with the sex ed/free speech bit as well as it could.

Poor execution of what could have been an interesting story. The characters were more caricatures than lifelike, and their behavior seemed to be manufactured to forward the plot. And as I mentioned earlier, poor sentence structure.

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