Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cat season

As soon as the weather got warm, I opened my windows and heard the music of cat sex. Yes, that strange and misleading noise can only mean one thing: Kitten season starts in June.

I was thinking it had been a while since I posted cat pictures and made a mental note to grab my camera next time I saw one. Lo and behold. Mr. Creamsicle here was perched on my car roof. Bruce actually had to shoo him away.

By the way, I googleimaged "creamsicle" and found this unfortunate ad:


  1. Holy shit. That ad is from 2008? What the HELL?

    We haven't talked about cats in a while -- are you borrowing cages to do TNR now?

  2. No. I should be, but I don't have the time. I didn't last year either, because of schedule problems and rain. (I don't have an indoor/dry place to keep trapped cats, so it would require Tues/Wed/Thurs all to be dry days, and that didn't happen much last year. Also, the vet only takes TNR cats on Wednesdays, which means I have to have that Wed available.) It probably won't happen this year either, because I'm too busy to breathe. But I'll keep my eyes out for kittens. I gave away five of this guy's offspring last summer. (I know because they were orange and the other males around here are black and gray.)

  3. Oh, and a couple of BBs say this ad is fake. Thank goodness.