Thursday, June 03, 2010

How to follow me

I'm still working out the kinks of this website, but the important things are set. I'd like to think my friends are all tech-savvy enough to figure this out, but... well, I know some of you aren't. So here's a little tutorial on how to keep up with me.

Option 1: Visit my website.
This is obviously the easiest, but most time-consuming option: Whenever you want to know what I'm up to, visit You'll find my blog, my current status, and the things I've read recently. If you really want to know what's going on in my life, you'll have to email me. (In case you don't have my email address, I will include one on the About page.)

Option 2: Via Email
All three items are available through RSS feeds, which you can have emailed to you by Feed My Inbox. Grab the RSS feeds below, paste them in the RSS box at Feed My Inbox, enter your email address, and you're done. RSS by email.

Option 3: Using a feed reader
If you already use a feed reader, this is a no-brainer. Subscribe to the RSS feeds below.

If you haven't tried a feed reader and want to, I recommend using Google Reader. It's a web app, so you don't have to download anything (though you can use a desktop app to connect to Google Reader if you want to). The real perk, though, is that you can share and comment on items with connected friends (like me!).

Option 4: Using Google Buzz
You can "follow" me on Google Buzz by going to my Google Profile and clicking the Follow button in the top right corner. This will get you my reads and status updates. You can share and comment on them using Buzz. If you want to read my blog, you'll still have to use another option.

Other options
If you're on Twitter or want to join twitter, you can follow me there (status only).

If you're on Google Reader, you can get my shared items without subscribing to anything by following me there. (Go to "People you follow", click on the link "You are following x people", and enter my name or email in the box at the bottom.)

Here are the RSS feeds:
(Right-click or ctrl-click to copy)

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