Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Introduction to the 2010 CT Governor's Election

It's time to start paying attention to the governor's race. Jodi Rell is retiring, so the position is open, and CT's history and current polls say that the position is open to Democrat or Republican. So we start with the primary, August 10.

Democratic candidate Ned Lamont is remembered for his run against Joe Lieberman for the US senate in 2006. He won the primary, forcing Lieberman to form his own party, CT for Lieberman. Lieberman won that election and caucases with the senate dems, but he acts more and more like a republican. Or at least a douchebag. So CT democrats are probably regretting that senate race, and thinking fondly of the hope they once had for Lamont, and how much better the world would be if Lamont had been elected.

I don't know anything about Lamont's platform, but I'll go try to learn something and report. I have a feeling Lamont's standing in the polls reflects this emotional response, not anything rational. There were a lot of names floating around in the governor's race for a while (mostly around Susan Bysiewicz, who started out going for governor, then switched to state attorney general, for which it turns out she is not qualified), and still a lot of republican candidates. I doubt anyone's paying too much attention yet.

The other democratic candidate is Dan Malloy, mayor of Stamford. From watching a video on his website, I know he's a lawyer, he was a district attorney, and now he's the Stamford mayor. He's campaigning on balancing the state budget and school reform, which are both important to Connecticutians, but I don't know any of the details of his platform, so I can't say whether his plans are to balance the budget by cutting school funding, or what. I'll have to report back on that as well.

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