Friday, July 09, 2010

Meet Fanny.

[caption id="attachment_218" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The cat I've been feeding."]Fanny[/caption]

The first few times were inconsistent, but she's come every day since I got back from Camp on Monday, so I decided to name her: Fanny. After Fanny Price, of Mansfield Park. It's quite obvious that she's the only sane cat in the colony. She's both timid and ambitious, and she's an excellent writer. Ok, all but the last one. Maybe I should give her a pen.

Anyway, here she is with the bowl I use to feed her. It has water right now, and I don't know if she's learned to drink from it, but sitting next to it is a good start. She'll eat just about anything I give her, which means I'm not giving away the Trader Joe's tuna anymore, I'm mixing half a can of wet cat food with about the same amount of dry food. She'll follow me around the yard as long as I'm holding that bag of dry cat food, but I can't get closer than about 6 feet to her.

She doesn't seem to be pregnant; I think she already had a litter this year. I think the dead kitten was one of hers, and there's another pretty (but sickly-looking) chocolate kitten running around. He didn't eat, though, and he was too old to find a people home. I'm hoping that if she has another litter, I'll know about it early enough to give them away. Or I could borrow a trap and sterilize her.

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  1. Erica she is such a pretty cat! I was expecting most of my cats to be like the ones you describe, not willing to interact with me closely at all. I started just putting the food out and walking away. Then I'd walk away but watch from a distance, and slowly I'd stay closer and closer, and sit down. They are a lot more comfortable being near me when I am sitting. A couple of mine started approaching me first, so I decided I could get them used to me. Since my cats aren't the biggest canned food fans I started giving it to the strays- THAT is when a couple of them started letting me pet them. At first it was ONLY when they were eating the wet food, now it's any food, and occasionally when they aren't eating. All of the ones who have been around pretty often will come right up to the steps with me sitting at the top. Maybe Fanny will start coming closer to you! In any case I'm hoping to do TNR once my promotion comes through and I am working fewer hours.