Monday, August 02, 2010

My problem with Apple

It's all well and good that Apple is doing this "mobile" thing. They're relatively good at it, especially if you like operating under the supervision of Steve Jobs. I also like that they're pulling the market for mobile technology, in that other companies have to innovate to keep up. Fabulous.

I don't really go anywhere. I rarely need internet access away from home. Occasionally, yes, it would be nice to be able to look something up or get driving directions, but it's not often enough that I'm willing to pay the exorbitant data fees that go along with a smart phone. So I don't have one.

No, I'm one of those "rare" consumers who is also a content producer. I actually use a computer to work. And this is what really gets me: Apple is forgetting that so many people sit at a computer all day long to do work (including students).  You're not going to do that with a 10 inch touch screen. When I read stories of how the keyboard is going to become obsolete, I'm horrified. There's nothing magic about the "magic" mouse, and the touch pad is difficult to use with any dexterity. Sure, if all you're doing is clicking on Facebook's "like" buttons, it's fine. I need a keyboard, thank you.

Maybe they're assuming Windows has the content creation (people who work on computers) market cornered/covered, and they're going for people who consider computers toys. That's too bad, because Mac OS was a good thing for a while there.

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