Sunday, October 03, 2010

Guest Room Remodel

We're almost done remodeling the guest room and bathroom. After a thorough cleaning, we repainted both, refinished the floor in the bedroom and hallway, and decorated. We used a light green color in the bedroom and had enough left over to do the bathroom in the same color. We put up shades in the bedroom and I made some curtains to frame the windows. We also fixed up some furniture we found in the basement (the dresser) or at a tag sale (the table). The rest of it we just pulled together, mostly from things we already had. Apart from buying a new mattress, I'd say the whole thing was probably somewhere in the range of $200-$300.

Guest Room Remodel

I think it turned out quite well. All that's left is to get a mattress, two small tables for next to the bed, a desk lamp and probably some lamps for beside the bed. We're hoping for some good tag sales next weekend. I'll add more pictures when those things are done.

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