Saturday, January 15, 2011

Close call

I was about to get really mad with Citibank tonight because when I checked my account there was a $20 late payment fee, plus ~$25 interest charged to my account, which I diligently pay off every month. (I would have it set up as an automatic payment, but Citi and BofA don't communicate well. When I tried, I had trouble receiving bills in time to make the payment, and I wasn't able to set an automatic payment for the entire balance, just the minimum payment. So I do it manually every month. PITA.) Turns out this month when I set up the electronic payment, I looked at the next statement date (1/14/11) instead of the payment due date (1/10/11), and set the payment for two days late instead of two days early (1/12/11). So they charged me these fees.

No way am I going to stand idly by while they steal my $45 for a little two day mistake, so I called customer service. After listening to (and declining) a couple of ads and a very short wait, I told a real person my problem. He put me on hold and then removed the late payment flag, crediting me for both charges. I should see those credits in my next bill. It's a good thing he did that, because the last time I got an accidental late fee, I closed the card right away. I've already stopped using that card for wallet purchases, so only automatic payments (like for Netflix and health insurance) are the only things that go on that card anyway.

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  1. Susan Robie5:44 AM

    Erica, I had a simialr experience with my ll bean visa account but I was not so lucky I did not get any kind person who helped me out. You do well. Sue