Monday, March 07, 2011

The dining room is now yellow

After almost two weeks of dedicated work by B, the dining room is yellow. You can see the progression from dirty white to yellow in the following slide show.

I’m contented to say that I helped with almost none of it. (I did help move the furniture out, and I helped reinstall a window after he had repaired it, but other than that, I made myself scarce.) I did help pick the color. We had K and L over for dinner and the four of us voted on paint chips. Three of us agreed on this buttercup, and B chose something lighter. We both like the way it came out, but we haven’t decided whether the living room will get the same color. In any case, the living room needs better lighting, because it’s dark and dreary in there. The dining room isn’t quite done yet: he’ll hang shades in the windows and I suppose I might come up with some simple window decoration, and once both living and dining rooms are painted B will refinish the floors. But that’s more long-term.

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