Sunday, May 08, 2011

Day 15: Lima

Note: Because I had no internet connection on the boat, I'm posting these about a week after they actually happened. I'll post one Galapagos post each day, followed by Machu Picchu posts, so you can live vicariously through my diaries and photos.

Last night when I tried to plug in the camera's battery charger, my lights went out. So the camera is out of commission today. No pictures. Not a whole lot to see, though. We flew from Cusco to Lima, about an hour over the Andes. Sheila tells us it takes about 22 hours driving, because of the winding roads. The Andes are really big.

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We also visited a cathedral in the center of Lima. Churches aren't really my thing. I decided they would be better if we had some sort of game to play, like Cathedral Bingo. Gold-encrusted altar? Check. Black Jesus? Check. This time, we found two interesting saints in the Peruvian Saints altar. One was holding a violin, because he got people to listen to him playing music and once he had their attention, he'd proselytize them. The other was holding a broom to symbolize that he was willing to do any task to help out, even clean up. The best part is that his broom was a modern one, because he's a black Peruvian and he was only sainted recently, many years after his death.

After lunch we checked into a hotel where we have free time until dinner, and then from dinner we go straight to the airport. It's been a fun trip, but I'm ready to go home. I can't wait to throw my toilet paper in the toilet again.

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