Thursday, October 06, 2011

Every Soul a Star

Every Soul A Star
Every Soul A Star

I really like Wendy Mass. This book reminded me of Criss Cross in its quiet, pensive narrative. The story is told by three characters, Ally (a very sheltered homeschooled kid with a love of astronomy), Bree (an aspiring model whose parents suddenly move her into the middle of nowhere), and Jack (an overweight loner who doesn't really do school). The story and the characters come together to solve a problem and witness an eclipse, but the story is really about the challenges each character faces in self-identity.

The story is well-told, and while there is a little teen romance, it's not a focus of the story. Each of these kids is easy to understand, even Bree. They all have their strengths and their insecurities. So it's nice.

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