Friday, October 14, 2011

This World We Live In

This World We Live In (Last Survivors, #3)
This World We Live In

This is the third book in the strangely page-turning trilogy based on a preposterous event: the shifting of the moon. By this time, we're just supposed to accept that the world is changed, an atmospheric layer of volcanic ash blots out the sun, and yet people are still surviving. On canned food. Whatever. This episode introduces Alex (from The Dead and the Gone) to Miranda (from Life as We Knew It), and as you might expect, there's a little love connection made there. It's hard to believe, though. I don't see their motivation, besides that there are so few people left alive, maybe you just fall in love with whatever appears at your doorstep.

I've begun to think of these books as YA versions of The Road. They're really a series of events, and the characters are dulled at the horrors: one day Miranda rides her bike past a pile of dead bodies. Another day, they find some canned food at a house they break into. I still don't know why I read them so quickly, but I'm kind of glad there aren't any more. Without commenting on the ending, I can say would want to read more, if there were another sequel. And yet, they're pretty trashy books. The premise is unbelievable, and they're pretty depressing. But I wonder how they can possibly survive any longer, with no sun (and therefore no crops, and no food).

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